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22 x 96 Glitter DTF Transfers

22 x 96 Glitter DTF Transfers

DTF NorthEast
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Files Must Be Print Ready

 Your artwork must be print ready, at the size you want it to be printed. 300 DPI resolution is suggested for best results. Please ensure that your background is 100% transparent otherwise it will be printed as it is received.

 * Please ensure the artwork is exactly as you want it printed. All artworks will be printed the way we received them - we will not edit your artwork! 

** By ordering you declare that you have the copyrights and or are the owner of the artwork to be provided.

 TURN AROUND TIMEthese are estimates and are subject to change. Below are estimates for the transfers to be shipped from date of order (before 2pm EST). If order is placed after 2pm EST, the first day of production starts on the next business day.  Allow additional time for shipping transit and delivery. 

200 or more transfers, please email us before placing order DTFNORTHEAST@GMAIL.COM

 DTF Transfer Pressing Instructions

1. Preheat press to 290°(F)
2. Pre-Press material for 5 seconds. (Optional)
3. Align the transfer where you want it.
4. Press with medium pressure for 8-10 seconds. (300°F)
5. Let the Film cool completely and then peel in a single, smooth motion.
6. Second press. Cover the transfer with a piece of butcher paper and press for 8 seconds.